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Gravestone –Sickening lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 200 copies

Swedish death metal with buzzing guitars and twisted riffs is something that we never grow tired off. Gravestone revisits the nineties classic era of Swedish death metal, the pure influence on this record can be described as classic Entombed worship. That being said – these Swedes absolutely kill it and unleash something that is completely stunning. With titanic riffs and monster choruses Sickening is a death metal fans death metal record. Theband throws plenty of sickening riffs, each instrument is almost flawless in performance. After hearing this album its easy to think that these guys could be the countries next great death metal export

Track list:
1. Tombthrasher
2. Fucking Your Corpse In Hell
3. Murderous Intentions
4. Behead The Bastard
5. In The Valley Of Coffins
6. Rotten Kill
7. Necromaniac
8. Unholy Mess
9. Rest In Piss
10. By The Knife

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