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Graveworm – As The Angels Reach The Beauty


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Graveworm hail from Italy, and are among the elite at the top of the atmospheric metal pyramid. The words ‘gothic black metal’ and ‘symphonic black metal’ often don’t bring pleasant thoughts to the black metal aficionado but Graveworm’s biggest strength is the amount of emotion they inject in their music. Top production, with a precise clarity in the galloping guitars and breathtaking keyboards. Deep and guttural vocals contrast between raspy screeches. The vocals are extremely intense and often overlap to create an unnerving and anguished effect. The music is fast and heavy, but not for the sake of sinister or evil atmospheres but rather a grey, melancholic sadness seems to prevail throughout this grand epic. The keyboards alone inspire the elements of Gothicism, but an authentic string quartet weaves its way into the more somber parts. Tracklist: 1. A Dreaming Beauty 2. Portrait of A Deadly Nightshade 3. Ceremonial Requiem 4. Noctunal Hymns 5. Behind The Curtain of Darkness 6. Pandemonium 7. Prophecies In Blood 8. Into The Dust of Eden 9. Graveyeard of Angels

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