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Graveworm – Engraved In Black


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Italian Graveworm stands for a melodic mixture of any dark and mystic metal sounds. With their fourth album ‘Engraved In Black’ Graveworm once more show their extremely high musical level, which can hardly be found in this scene nowadays. Cradle Of Filth may have started the whole gothic black metal thing, but it's bands like Graveworm that are the true masters of it. The sound of ‘Engraved in Black’ would best be described by imagining the sound of Cradle Of Filth's heavier stuff, minus the female vox, spoken word parts and over abundant keyboards, mixed with death metal. This results in a darkly ambiant sound that still manages to be damn heavy. The vocals are worthy of talking about also. Sometimes high pitched shrieks like Dani Filth or deeper death metal vox. ‘Engraved In Black’ convinces due to his aggression, power and melodic impact. Feel and discover this incredible atmosphere! Tracklist: 1. Dreaming Into Reality 2. Legions Unleashed 3. Renaissance In Blood 4. Thorns of Desolation 5. Abhorrence 6. Drowned In Fear 7. Beauty of Malice 8. Apparition Of Sorrow

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