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Graveworm – [N]Utopia


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Graveworm have tweaked their already brilliant take on melodic black/metal while incorporating harsh breakdowns along with a brutal dual vocal assault. On their ‘(N)utopia’ the band have delved even further into the metal psyche though putting a good portion of their black past behind them. It's not black metal, it's not death metal, it's not melodic, it's not thrash, but it is heavy as shit. There are certainly traces of all styles of metal found within ‘(N)utopia’ so it's safe to say that there should be something here for any metal head. You get great production, killer songwriting, and punishing music. What more could you want? If Graveworm do not disband or lose too many core members, they could deliver a mind blowing album of epic proportions. I tip my hat to Graveworm for an accomplished effort seeping with metal allure. Tracklist: 1. The Machine 2. [N]Utopia 3. Hateful Design 4. Never Enough 5. Timeless 6. Which Way 7. Deep Inside 8. Outside Down 9. MCMXCII

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