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Graveworm – Scourge Of Malice


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Italian Graveworm stands for a melodic mixture of any dark and mystic metal sounds. The third album 'Scourge Of Malice' album arrived in January 2001. Many critics would pick up on the band's inspired cover rendition of Iron Maidens ‘Fear Of The Dark', notable for transposing the original lead guitar solos into a keyboard showcase for Sabine Mair. This is a well crafted album with ultra-fat-production. And if you look around at this genre and all the copy-cats, it's passion and dedication that counts and that is a bit plus of Graveworm. You won't be disapointed with this album if you like symphonic gothic black metal. It is definitely one of the best of the genre. Tracklist: 1. Dreaded Time 2. Unhallowed By The Infernal One 3. Abandoned By Heaven 4. Descending Into Etheral Mist 5. Threnody 6. Demonic Dreams 7. Fear Of the Dark 8. In Vengeance of Our Wrath 9. Ars Diaboli 10. Sanctity Within Darkness

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