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Greasy Spoon ‎–Dinner For Cannibals cd


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Greasy Spoon is a rather new Swedish act formed in 2019. This is a trio made up by Robert Leonardsson and the two Sinistra Project members Emil Slöberg and Tore Öyen. Together they have created a death metal album influenced by bands such as S.O.D, Unseen Terror and Ludichrist.

Track list:
1. Wicked Dishwasher
2. Lick It Clean
3. Dont Shit On The Table
4. Spoonface
5. Dishrag From Hell
6. Myko-Man
7. Suck Your Dirty Ringers
8. Everytime I Pee
9. Zombie Breakfast
10. Fridge Of Doom
11. Eat Your Beans
12. Dinner For Cannibals
13. I Know Every Alley
14. End Is Here

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