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Greenhouse Daze -Get Up And Run cd


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The Swedish band Greenhouse Daze released their debut album Get Up And Run in 2010. Musically speaking we are heading into classic 1970s Hardrock that has some clear influences from Cream, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and such. 11 songs are included here and fans of mentioned bands will definitely love this band, because Greenhouse Daze is doing their job quite perfectly. Fans of Stoner Rock might also appreciate this groovy guitar riff based hardrock act. The powerful vocals are delivered with heart and soul. Supported by tasteful riffs the often dreamlike lyrics reflect on existential and environmental topics.

Track listing:
1. Get Up and Run
2. Losing Touch
3. Different
4. Praying For the Sun
5. Enough
6. Perfect
7. State of Mind
8. Gesture
9. Dreamer
10. Super Haze
11. The End

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