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Grimoire – A Requiem For The Light


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Israelian black metal band with folk touches. Grimoire emerged in 1994 with the demo 'With Blackstorms We Come’ followed up by the demo 'In The Darkwoods Sovereignity' in 1995. The demos were well recieved and the band soon had a short deal with the fledgling Euphonious label, a division of Denmark's Voices of Wonder concern. The debut album, 'A Requiem For The Light', was recorded in January of 1996 in the Gal-Kol studios in Israel. The album included a reworking of the ancient Hebrew poem 'Nevuath Ha'Tom'. meaning 'Vision Of The End'. Opener ‘A Requiem For The Light’ sets the pace for the rest of the record with its great keyboard melodies and raspy vocal work by Y Lahav. Tracklist: 1. A Requiem For the Light 2. At Dark 3. Above The Silvery Fog (the night flight) 4. The Immortal Warrior Spirit 5. Nevauth Ha'tom 6. In The Darkwoods Sovereignity 7. Our Agony 8. Vampires 9. …And On With Darkness

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