Grip Inc -Griefless 10″



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10′ single featuring two tracks taken from the 1999 album Solidify. Solidify was Grip Inc.’s third album and it did not ignore the musical roots of the band. But it left no doubt that the highly talented musicians had started a journey in order to reach new shores. Dave Lombardo took the foot off the gas pedal so that the compositions showed a different approach. Consequently, the album sounded less furious without lacking of heaviness. And what was more, the modified approach led to fascinating results. The maliciously crawling “Griefless” reflected the new roadmap of Grip Inc. in a brilliant manner. Drilling guitar riffs characterised the beginning and the end of the song. They also occurred during the choruses and were constantly alternating with the calm verses. While the riffing offered the well-known outstanding quality of Sorychta´s work, exactly the tranquil sequences emphasised the menacing aura. Gus Chambers also played his part without the slightest error. The dark lyrics matched with the atmosphere of the verses and caused discomfort. While listening to them, I got the feeling of walking down a poorly illuminated street at night, not knowing, who moves in my back. Finally, the suspenseful solo part confirmed the perfect balance of malignancy and melody. A “gripping” highlight. The B-side of this single features the quick-tempered “Verräter (Betrayer)”.

Track list:
1. Griefless
2. Veräter (Betrayer)

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SPV / Steamhammer

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SPV 050-18665