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Grip Inc -Incorporated lp


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Black vinyl with a four page booklet. Limited 440 copies

By the time of their fourth album, 2004’s Incorporated, the band was almost finished, as Lombardo had returned to Slayer (although temporarily so) and Sorychta was going to form Enemy Of The Sun: in fact, they disbanded in 2006, and vocalist Gus Chambers died in 2008 at age 50 for inoxication. And this final album is thoroughly modern, an impressively clinical and precise record, fully industrialized and loaded with razor-sharp riffs, ballsy vocals, and thunder drums. European producer and guitarist extraordinaire Waldemar Sorchyta is Grip Inc.’s main creative force, but on-again, off-again Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo gives the band a chilly technical edge that is uniquely the product of the mind-bogglingly influential skinsman. Add in vocalist Gus Chambers’ powerful, full-bodied vocals — refreshingly, there are no affected death growls here, just a deep well of a throat that refuses to shy away from a thick melody — and Incorporated successfully bucks many of metal’s genre-specific trends. The album is simultaneously mechanistic and tribal, at times flavored with Middle Eastern melodies and electronic flourishes, Sorchyta’s steamroller mix blotting out the sun and meshing perfectly with compellingly twisty arrangements. Incorporated is another impressive effort — like 1999’s hopelessly overlooked Solidify — for Grip Inc., whose increasingly impressive discography has been met with a collectively indifferent shrug from too many metal aficionados. Grip Inc was a pseudo-supergroup collective, which seemed disparate on paper, but truly was greater than the sum of its parts.

Track list:
1. Curse (Of The Cloth)
2. The Answer
3. Prophecy
4. Endowment Of Apathy
5. Enemy Mind
6. Skin Trade
7. (Built To) Resist
8. The Gift
9. Privilege
10. Blood Of Saints
11. Man With No Insides

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