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Gudars Skymning –Mörka Vatten cd


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Gudars Skymning was formed back in 2006 in the Laplandic woods and mountains in the far north of Sweden. The band draws their inspiration from the heavy rock of the sixties and seventies, blues, the traditional Swedish folk music, and the Swedish prog that was big in the seventies and sings in their native language. The band selfreleased their debut album Dansa Tillbaks Till Din Grav (Dance Back To Your Grave) in 2008 and was immidately offered a record deal. Their second album, Mörka Vatten (Dark Waters), saw the light of day two years later. The album kicks off with Jag Är En Trollkarl, a hard and bluesy composition that will get you singing along, if you speak Swedish. A mix of Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Mountain and Swedish progg. Fans of Magnolia and Abramis Brama should definitely check this out. Abramis Brama member Ulf Torkelsson does some guest vocals on Hyfs Och Fason.

Track list:
1. Jag Är En Trollkarl
2. Södersläntsblues
3. I Muränans Käftar
4. Källar-Tony
5. Pengar
6. Aldrig Har Jag Vetat
7. Hyfs Och Fason
8. I Älvens Svarta Djup
9. Fri
10. Never In My Life

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