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Gun Barrel -Gunniversary dvd


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German heavy metallers Gun Barrel’s first dvd features a documentary and lots of music and sp,e rare and unreleased stuff. Did you know that nowadays it’s normal for a band to forget it’s singer at a roadhouse? If you like anecdotes such as this then you want to watch Gunniversary. This is a band that owes a lot to the spirit of bands like Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Tank, Ac/dc and Rose Tattoo. Their musical style is a chameleon; they jump from distorting classic Metal to some filthy Rock n Roll suitable for bikers and booze outlaws. Besides the 140 minutes documentary we have a live recording from the anniversary gig the band did at the Kubana club on the 7th of November 2009. Gunniversary is an amazing release for those who’d like to get to know this German band’s music and history and its also the perfect present for the bands loyal fans.

Track list:
1. Gunniversary Documentary
2. Intro – Invasion Warning
3. Bombard Your Soul
4. Front Killers
5. Roll Of The Dice
6. Brother To Brother
7. Back To Suicide
8. The Raven
9. Power Dive
10. Outlaw Invasion
11. Rebel Gathering
12. Battle Tested
13. On The Road Again

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