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Gun Barrel – Power-Dive


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If you put one cup of Ac/cd, half a gallon of Motorhead and a spoonful of Maiden and mixed it for about thirty minutes this is what would come out. 'Power-Drive' is blessed with a good recording, universal Rock'n'Roll-anthems, and an all around heaviness which should court the world with proper promotion. This album is what happens when a bunch of guys put their hearts of beer on the line, coming forth with a strident, rumbling album packed with sleaze and the power shuffle. Just sounds like the guys are having a blast, no care for today's trends or what is gonna make them rich, playing what they like to hear and playing it with conviction. All in all, the record is a welcome breath of fresh air, in an atmosphere on both sides of the Atlantic that is often, Death, Goth, Thrash, True Metal-clones, Nu-Metal crap, or simply unskilled. This is some up-tempo and kickin' Rock n' roll the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you burn some rubber in your 70's car. Tracklist: 1. Power Dive 2. Only a passenger 3. For all like you 4. Bomb Attack 5. Gate of God (2001 Version) 6. Straight down to hell 7. We will carry on 8. Shut up or lose me 9. Gone with the wind 10. Back to suicide (2001 Version) 11. She's coming over top 12. Take me to the highway

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