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Guns N Roses -Deer Creek Music Center dlp


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Double album

Recorded at the second show at Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville, Indianapolis, Usa on the 29th of May 1991. The Use Your Illusion Tour would not only become the longest tour in the history of the band but also among the longest in rock history. The band would do 194 shows in 27 countries. The band had made 3 warm up shows before the tour officially started on the 24th of May with two shows at the Alpine Valley before the band made these two shows at Deer Creek. So this recording is very early on the tour and its before the Use Your Illusions albums was released. These two shows would be expensive for the band as they had to pay 5000 dollars in fees due to curfew violation. Axl Rose wanted to exercise his right to freedom of speech and played after curfew time something that made the Hamilton County authorities to charge Rose and his group $5,000. The band played 55 minutes past the 11 p.m. curfew for weeknight concerts on Tuesday and 25 minutes past the next night (Wednesday the 29th). That in and of itself wasn’t so significant, Hamilton County Prosecutor Steve nation said Saturday in announcing the charges. What makes this different is that Axl Rose said on stage Tuesday that he knew about the curfew and thought it was stupid. And he said a few things about our county and about our state. Rose, who grew up in Indiana, delivered a profane five-minute tirade on stage Tuesday when he discussed the curfew. Nation said other bands have played past the curfew at Deer Creek since it opened in 1989 but that this is the first time he has filed charges. The prosecutor said attorneys for the band have said they will not fight the charge or the fine. Rose said the same thing in announcing he would play past the curfew. Both nights had lots of military people at the show as many were stationed nearby and they were let in for free. Axl thanks the military after the track Civil War has been performed. This was also the night they performed November Rain for the first time. Skid Row was support act and Sebastian Bach helps to bring out a dancer on stage during Rocket Queen. Axl Rose ends the show by saying Goodnight and thank you homeland.

Track listing:
1. Right Next Door To Hell
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Double Talkin Jive
4. Patience
5. 14 Years
6. Civil War
7. Live And Let Die
8. Its So Easy
9. Speak Softly Love-Andy Williams cover (Godfather Theme)
10. Rocket Queen
11. November Rain
12. Only Women Bleed
13. Knockin On Heavens Door
14. Perfect Crime
15. Estranged
16. Sweet Child O Mine
17. Welcome To The Jungle
18. Paradise City

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