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Guns N Roses -Delusions And Illusions dcd


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Rare 1991 double cd in thick jewelcase

On August the 16th in 1991 Guns N Roses performed the first night out of two at The Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Both the nights were sold out. It took the band four hours to sell 13000 tickets to this first show. And yes, Guns N’ Roses was front-page news. A photographer from the Swedish newspaper, Expressen, took photographs (without permission) of the band while they were in the Daily News club. Guns N Roses bodyguards tried to stop the photographer, but they failed. The “prohibited” photo made it onto Expressen’s first page! Expressen gave the shows five out of five. Looking back on 1991 some say it was all about the birth of Grunge music with Nirvana releasing Nevermind, Beavis And Butthead and so on but to be honest all of that were dwarfed by the release of Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion I & II amd Metallica’s Black album. These two bands were the biggest thing in pop music in 1991 and Metallica’s Black album tour had started before Grunge exploded and Kurt Cobain managed to kill himself before the Metallica tour ended. For Nirvana it was their career while for Metallica it was just a tour supporting one of their album. That should probably give some perspective on how we judge history. This releases of Black Album and Use Your Illusions was enormous cultural events; midnight store openings, five-star reviews, multi platinum sales for both albums and both bands doing mammoth tour, even doing a tour together. Guns N Roses 194-date tour however were marked by riots, resignations and the eventual explosion of the bassist’s pancreas. Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain were two total opposites, Axl personal was larger than life while Kurt Cobain didnt want to be a star at all, while he at the same time set up a new dresscode for what a modern rock star would look like and that meant flannel shirts and political correctness, rather than stars and stripes cycling shorts and songs challenging journalists to a punch-up. Both parties did their bit to ramp up this hostile dichotomy: Rose reportedly threatening Cobain at the MTV Awards; Cobain publicly mocking GN’R for being establishment rock n roll. However this show at Stockholm was performed before the albums had been released and most of the set were made up of songs the fans knew nothing about and there were many surprises up their sleeves. Fans didn’t know what to think when Guns N Roses performed tracks on piano etc. Of course all these tracks became major success but back on that date it just seemed weird that this dangerous sleaze gang did things that seemed, at the time, so far away from what the record buying public had discovered and grown found of with Appetite For Destruction.

Track list:
1. Nightrain
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Bad Obsession
4. Live And Let Die
5. Dust And Bones
6. Double Talkin’ Jive
7. Civil War
8. Guitar Solo – Slash
9. Patience
10. You Could Be Mine
11. November Rain
12. Welcome To The Jungle
13. Drum Solo – Matt Sorum
14. Guitar Solo – Slash – Godfather Theme
15. Rocket Queen
16. Only Woman Bleed
17. Knockin’ On Heavens Door
18. Sweet Child Of Mine
19. Estranged
20. Paradise City
21. My Michelle-Stockholm Sweden 17th of August 1991
22. Locomotive-Los Angeles 30th of July 1991

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