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Guns N Roses – The Spaghetti Incident


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As punk albums go, The Spaghetti Incident? lacks righteous anger and rage. As Guns N' Roses albums go, it's a complete delight, returning to the ferocious, hard-rocking days of Appetite for Destruction. The Gunners play Stooges and New York Dolls songs exactly as they do Nazareth — as straight-ahead, driving riff-rockers. After the epic Use Your Illusions, the band sounds like it's having fun, not caring about making "art" like "November Rain" or "Estranged." Unfortunately, the tacked-on Charles Manson song leaves a bad aftertaste, but not because of the song itself; the inclusion of the song seems like a publicity-seeking stunt, a way to increase their sales while trying to regain their street credibility. And as The Spaghetti Incident? proves, they didn't need to stoop so low. Track listing: 1. Since I Dont Have You-The Skyliners cover 2. New Rose-The Damned cover 3. Down On The Farm-UK Subs cover 4. Human Being-New York Dolls cover 5. Raw Power-The Stooges cover 6. Aint It Fun-Dead Boys cover 7. Buick Mackane-T.Rex cover 8. Hair of The Dog-Nazareth cover 9. Attitude-Misfits cover 10. Black Leather-Sex Pistols cover 11. You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory-Johnny Thunders cover 12. I Dont Care About You-Fear cover 13. Look At Your Game Girl-Charles Manson cover

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