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H.E.A.T -Force Majeure lp [purple]


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Purple/violet vinyl with gatefold cover

Two years after H.E.A.T II, the band once again presents an album that kicks ass. Since the band’s early days, starting from their song 1000 miles – a huge hit in their Scandinavian home in 2009, the press has been praising each of the band’s albums as one of the best rock albums in its respective year of release. In 2022 H.E.A.T returned with their original lead-singer Kenny Leckremo, taking everyone on a speedy ride through H.E.A.T City. Not only sonically but also visually the band cranks it up a notch. For the music videos as well as the whole art theme and aesthetic, a vibrant fictional world has been built, creating an exciting surrounding for the band’s energetic album.

Track list:
1. Back To The Rhythm
2. Nationwide
3. Tainted Blood
4. Hollywood
5. Harder To Breathe
6. Not For Sale
7. One Of Us
8. Hold Your Fire
9. Paramount
10. Demon Eyes
11. Wings Of An Aeroplane

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