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Haat ‎–Factum Luctisonus lp


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Original 2001 press on black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 250 numbered copies

Haat, a one man project from Holland, is run by Jeroen Van Brussel from Orodruin. Here he performs black metal that is heavy influenced by acts such as Ildjarn. Usually playing fast, minimalistic and lo-fi black metal. Drummachine is played very much in the same and simple spirit as in Ildjarn/Nidhogg-releases. The guitar plays simple, minimalistic but very effective riffs all the way, without any technical bullshit. Jeroen’s screams are excellent and well-fit for the music.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Lust Of War
3. Impenetrable Darkness
4. Intro
5. Ritual Rape
6. Race Of Weakness
7. Haatmars (March Of Hate)
8. Mord Sith
9. Intro
10. Pure Hate
11. Dood Aan De Christen
12. Sign Of Hate
13. Throne Of Darkness
14. Cleanse
15. Outro

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Painiac Records

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PAIN 003

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