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Hades Almighty – Again Shall Be [original]


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Original Full Moon records release Hades was formed in 1992 by Jorn, an ex-member of Immortal, because he wanted to create a music style that was filled with melancholy, desolation as well as atmosphere, mystery and folklore. Remi (ex-member of Dark) joined as a drummer with thunder in his black soul. He also wanted to create a music style with no-lack of originality and true unholy feelings. Stig joined the band as a second guitarist and Janto later as a vocalist and bass player to complete the legendary northern black metal band Hades. In the year of 1993, Hades recorded their first demo entitled ‘Alone Walkying’ in Greighallen Studios (Bergen) and produced by the mighty Pytten. The demo contained three tracks, ‘Unholy Congregation’, ‘Hecate (Queen of Hades)’ and the title track ‘Alone Walkying’. There was a response from the label Wounded Love that released it on cassette and later on MCD. In 1994, Hades recorded their debut album ‘Again Shall Be’ but soon afterwards Jorn was arrested and imprisoned for the charges of church burning (assisting Varg Vikernes of Burzum for the burning of a Stav Church). Track listing: 1. Pagan Triumph 2. Hecate (Queen Of Hades) 3. The Ecstasy Of An Astral Journey 4. An Oath Sworn In Bjorguin 5. …Again Shall Be 6. The Spirit Of An Ancient Past 7. Unholy Congregation 8. Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become 9. Be-Witched 10. In The Moonless Sky

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