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Hadez –Damnations From The Past cd


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Hadez from Lima in Peru started back in 1986 and released their debut demo, Guerreros De La Muerte, in 1988. Three more demos followed; Altar Of Sacrifice 1989, Hadez Attack 1990 and Extreme Badness On The World 1992 before they got signed and released their first studio album, Aquelarre in 1993. Hadez are still an active act and over the years they have become one of the most respected bands in the Southamerican Underground together with another act from Lima that started the same year, Mortem. The Damnations From The Past album features two early demos; Altars Of Sacrifice and Hadez Attack, as well as a different version of the track Death Terror, not available on the original demos. These two demos includes some of the most classic tunes the band ever recorded and it features that classic Southamerican sound.

Track list:
1. Vomito-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
2. Sodom And Gomor-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
3. Klattu Varada Fixto-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
4. Altar Of Sacrifice-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
5. Passport To Hell-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
6. Death-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
7. Eternal Hate-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
8. Death Terror-Altar Of Sacrifice demo 1989
9. Caligula-Hadez Attack demo 1990
10. Avern’s Goddess-Hadez Attack demo 1990
11. It Could Be Yourself-Hadez Attack demo 1990
12. Hadez Attack-Hadez Attack demo 1990
13. Angel Exterminator-Hadez Attack demo 1990
14. Warriors Of Death-Hadez Attack demo 1990
15. Last Sign Of Life-Hadez Attack demo 1990
16. Death Terror II-Hadez Attack demo 1990
17. Death Terror-different version

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