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Haemorrhage – Loathesongs [original]


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Rare and out of print original cover Back in 2000, a decade into their reign of terror, Spanish goregrind legends Haemorrhage released Loathesongs on Germany’s Morbid Records. The 11 track effort was a cover album compilation featuring goregrind versions of tracks by Defecation, Carcass, Entombed, Regurgitate, Impetigo, Suicidal Tendencies, Cryptic Slaughter, Impaled Nazarene, UFO and one original Haemorrhage track. This album is since long out of print and even the label Morbid Records have been out of business for long. This is a deliciously vicious cover album where all five members of the band shred away maliciously. They effortlessly take classic songs like Carcass‘ “Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore),” Impetigo‘s “Dear Uncle Creepy” and Entombed‘s “Premature Autopsy” and make them their own. The basic riffs and song structures are the same, but everything fits so well together and has that raw, barbaric, rasping goregrind vibe that you’d swear Haemorrhage wrote every note themselves. Every second of the album is fast, furious and grotesquely gory. Any true goregrind fan will be bouncing off the walls while Haemorrhage tear their way through Regurgitates “Disgorging Foetus” and Suicidal Tendancies‘ “Fascist Pig.” What the band lack in technical skill, they more than make up for with enthusiastic energy. The tracks feature the patented Haemorrhage galloping drum beats, thick meaty riffs, raspy snarls and pitch shifted gurgles. I don’t think it’s even possible to have more fun listening to a cover album. Whether you’re a fan of Haemorrhage, goregrind, or just fun, simple music this an absolute must-own release. Fucking awesome! Track listing: 1. Intro/Megaton-Defecation cover 2. Vestige Of The Earthly Remains-Defecation cover 3. Pyosfied (Rotten To The Core)-Carcass cover 4. Premature Autopsy-Entombed cover 5. Disgorging Fetus-Regurgitate cover 6. Oozing Molten Gristle 7. Dear Uncle Creepy-Impetigo cover 8. Fascist Pig-Suicidal Tendencies cover 9. M.A.D.-Cryptic Slaughter cover 10. Satanic Masowhore-Impaled Nazarene cover 11. Doctor Doctor-Ufo cover

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