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Haggard – And Thou Shalt Trust The Seer [original]


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Originally a death metal band, Haggard would take a different tack upon the release of their second demo tape, Progressive, in 1994. The more aggressive stylings of 1992's Introduction were set aside so that the band could explore the more symphonic aspects of metal, and as the sound grew, so did the size of the band, which at its biggest would number over 20. Another demo surfaced in 1995, entitled Once… Upon a December's Dawn, and in 1997 the band released its first full-length, a song cycle that dealt with Michel de Notre Dame entitled And Thou Shall Trust… The Seer. Rare original pressing Track Listing 1. Chapter 1: The Day As Heaven Wept 2. Chapter 2: Origin Of A Crystal Soul 3. Chapter 3: In A Pale Moon's Shadow 4. Chapter 4: De La Morte Noire 5. Chapter 5: Lost (Robin's song) 6. Chapter 6: A Midnight Gathering

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