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Half Japanese ‎–Half Gentlemen Not Beasts 3cd


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Triple cd in a trifolded digipak cover

As with any album that is three records long, 1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts unwittingly shows Half Japanese’s true roots. Over the three records, the band “covers” such minimalists as the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, and Jonathan Richman, as well as deconstructing such wordsmiths as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Although they would have you believe that their untuned, almost unlistenable, instrumental clatter is the result of being so enthusiastic that they didn’t bother to learn how to play their instruments, it’s just the logical, inevitable intellectual extension of Richman’s naivete and the Velvet Underground’s stripped-down guitar. Half Japanese is consciously primitive and amateurish.

Track list:
1. No Direct Line From My Brain To My Heart
2. 10th Ave. Freezeout
3. Ta Sheri Ta Ta
4. My Girlfriend Lives Like A Beatnik
5. Her Parents Came Home
6. Shhh/ Shhh/ Shhh
7. Girls Like That
9. No More Beatle Mania
10. Tangled Up In Blue
11. Patti Smith
12. School Of Love
13. Jodi Foster
14. Shy Around Girls
15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
16. Bogue Millionaires/ Cool Millionaires
18. I Can’t Stand It Any More
19. I Love Oriental Girls
20. Dream Date
21. Du Du Du / Du Du Du
22. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
23. Ann Arbor, Mi.
24. I’m Going To The Zoo
25. Shi Yi Yi
26. Rave On
27. I Ta Na Si Na Mi Eee
28. Till Victory
29. Rip My Shirt To Shreds
30. I Don’t Want To Have Mono No More
31. She Cracked
33. Funky Broadway Medley
34. I’m Sorry
35. T / T / T / T / T / T
36. The Worst I’d Ever Do
37. Live in Baltimore MD
38. Live in Washington DC
39. Battle Of The Bands
40. Worst I’d Ever Do
41. Ann Arbor, MI
42. School Of Love
43. Her Parents Came Home
44. Shy Around Girls
45. Dream Date
46. Cool Millionaires / Bogue Millionaires
47. Knock On Wood
48. Top Secret
49. Guitar Solo
50. Calling All Girls
51. Fools Paradise
52. Don’t You Know That
53. Foggy Notion
54. If You’re So Smart
55. Interview
56. Wildman
57. Lo And Behold
58. UFO
59. Anything I Can Do
60. Hey Romeo
61. 10th Ave. Freezeout
62. Downdududown
63. Man Of Mystery
64. One More Day
65. Nobody
66. Stooges Medley
67. Wild Party
68. Babylon

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