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Halford (Judas Priest) – Live Insurrection


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This double-live disc really shows why Judas Priest made a big mistake in not taking Rob Halford back. The album rocks out and captures the Priest magic much better than his old band's live album. Perhaps the spirit of JP lives on in this group more so than in the band being called "Judas Priest." This CD set includes a lot of old Priest gems (including "Stained Class" and "Tyrant"), quite a few tracks from the Halford album, and three studio pieces. The studio cuts range from pretty standard hard rock/metal to a killer ballad. The live cuts, for the most part, are performed quite faithfully. When changes are made to the arrangements, they really are interesting and seem to be improvements. Track listing: 1. Resurrection 2. Made In Hell 3. Into The Pit 4. Nailed To The Gun 5. Light Comes Out Of Black 7. Stained Class 8. Jawbreaker 9. Running Wild 10. Slow Down 11. The One You Love To Hate 12. Life In Black 13. Hells Last Survivor 14. Sad Wings 15. Saviour 16. Silent Screams 17. Intro 18. Cyberworld 19. Hellion 20. Electric Eye 21. Riding On The Wind 22. Genocide 23. Beyond The Realms Of Death 24. Metal Gods 25. Breaking The Law 26. Tyrant 27. Screaming In The Dark 28. Heart Of A Lion 29. Prisoner Of Your Eyes

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