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Halford -Resurrection dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

The first solo album under the title Halford shows that the metal god is back to the roots. The Metal-god clearly remembers his glorious past and drives anything right through the wall. This is the legitimate ‘Painkiller’ with its 50 minutes of full force metal. The opening title-track clearly shows what you may expect of Rob Halford anno 2000: Heavy Metal in its purest form. Finally Halford is a stalwart for metal-hymns again and this really is a heavy metal milestone with only killers and no fillers. The album also feature The One You Love To Hate duet with Bruce Dickinson. The metal god is back

Track Listing
1. Resurrection
2. Made In Hell
3. Locked And Loaded
4. Night Fall
5. Silent Scream
6. The One You Love To Hate
7. Cyberworld
8. Slow Down
9. Twist
10. Temptation
11. Drive
12. Saviour

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