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Halloween – No One Gets Out


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2001 re-issue with 5 bonus demo tracks No One Gets Out should have been the break-through album for the Detroit metal band Halloween. Personally, this is the best thing that they have ever done. It is heavy, dark, and gloomy, with a few mid tempo songs that find a way to rock out just as easily. Now not many people have too much knowledge of Halloween, which is a sad thing, because they are missing out on a great metal platter here. The first track, “No One Gets Out” is a smashing metal romp. It has a high, speed metal like pace, Chugging riffs and some powerful double bass drum work that gives you an extra punch in the face. The bass comes through so clearly that I once blew my headphones out from listening to this at full blast! The next track is called “The Death Of Love” which is a somewhat slow ballad, if you will, about heartbreak or something about that. To tell you the truth, this is the weakest song on the album. It is great but it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the tracks. The next is the full speed ahead thrasher “Crawl To The Altar” which was written by second guitarist Tim Wright and recorded with his previous band “Erebus”. This song is one of the many highlights of the album. Again, like the opening track the true thing to listen for is the double bass drum work. It is just a pounding drive. “7 Years” is okay. It gets real good when it gets to the heavier parts though. Not really a weak one but again, It doesn’t really sit well with the rest of the tracks as much. The 5th track is the gloomy “If I Die, You Die” which is based upon a single, consistent drum loop. To tell you the truth, this is really a great song. It has so much power and punch to it. The lyrics are just as powerful, talking about destruction and corruption. The next is another true highlight, “Kings”. This song was played at a 1990 Detroit Pistons finals game. But it is a great song. A simple, chugging riff, excellent drumming work, pounding bass and just all around great vocals. The lyrics have a message too, to not give up, to pursue. The next part of the album is a bit scarier. Track 7 is the creepy “Sanity in Danger”. I am dead serious; the intro freaked the crap out of me when I first heard it. It is a dark, gloomy song about a man’s descent into insanity. Once the song starts, it can really kick some ass, but do not let the intro freak you out. The next one is even more dark and creepy. “Miss Eerie’s Child” is a song about child abuse which also freaked the hell out of me. It begins with a soft acoustic guitar line and about 7 or 8 seconds into it, freaky high-pitched vocals come in and just set the mood. The beginning is somewhat reminiscent of “In Harms Way” by Seattle area thrashers “Metal Church” off of their critically acclaimed “The Human Factor” from the same year as No One Gets Out. Things begin to lighten up again with “The Thing That Creeps”, which was written in 1989, preceding this albums release by three years. Once again it is a heavy one with lyrics that tell of people who are afraid of freedom. Great double bass work and what a riff. The final two music tracks are cover songs, the first of which is a song by Detroit metal band “Seduce” appropriately entitled “Halloween”. It features once again a chugging riff and great drumming. I only wish that it was not a cover. The latter is “Detroit Rock City” by KISS. Almost everyone has heard this at least 1,000,000 times, so does it even need a description! The 12th track on this is A.B.F.$ which is a backwards thing that came from the mid- section in “Crawl To The Altar”. I cannot for the life of me tell what it says if it is supposed to be saying anything. In short, this is a perfect album for anyone to have in their collection. Clean, crisp production, Steamrolling guitar riffs, pounding bass, barbaric drumming and just plain great vocals. It may sound a bit forced, but this has to be the best Halloween album bar none. Track listing: 1. No One Gets Out 2. The Death Of Love 3. Crawl To The Altar 4. 7 Years 5. If I Die You Die 6. Kings 7. Sanity In Danger 8. Miss Eerie's Child 9. The Thing That Creeeeeeps! 10. Halloween 11. Detriot Rock City 12. A.B.F.$ 13. I Confess-demo 14. Vicious Lies-demo 15. Evil Nation-demo 16. Agony-demo 17. Black Skies-demo

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