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Hallows Eve – Death And Insanity


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A classic speed/thrash metal album and the reason that �Death And Insanity� says �death� on it so often is because it is a themed concept album about different aspects of death. The original title was �An Essay On Death�. Right off the bat the production values strike you as better than Venom but worse than Show No Mercy by Slayer. Producer Brian Slagel and guitarist David Stuart find one of the strangest sounds for metal guitar to that point, but the riffs abound for those who delve into this southern metal cauldron and a couple of anthems to boot arise for your trouble. �Goblet Of Gore� is about as classic as 80's speed metal gets, with one of the most underrated bridge chants in metal history. Hallows Eve were always a band born from the underground, so expect no mainstream leanings here. There are some weaker efforts, and the album definitely sounds dated, but the band avoided the sterotypical falsettos and shrieks and managed a few bowel grinding growls and melodicism, something often devoid from generic thrash bands. Arguably, the bands third track is their best known and thickest. �Lethal Tendencies� was featured on the critically acclaimed �River's Edge� movie soundtrack and encapsulates the feel of this album perfectly. Hallows Eve will never be known as ground breaking, but this album reminds me a lot of the Evil Dead movies, a cult classic but missed by the majority of metal heads. The lyrics are typical death and horror but the vibe is… I don't know… different than most bands during the period. There is a genuine feel of glee, fun, and innocence with these Georgia thrashers. Highly recommended. Track listing: 1. Death And Insanity 2. Goblet Of Gore 3. Lethal Tendencies 4. Obituary 5. Plea Of The Aged 6. Suicide 7. D.I.E. (Death In Effect) 8. Attack Of The Iguana 9. Nefarious 10. Nobody Lives Forever 11. Death And Insanity (Reprise)

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