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Hallows Eve – Tales Of Terror


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Formed in 1983, Hallows Eve was a thrash metal band hailing from Atlanta, GA, whose first brush with notoriety came via the inclusion of their song "Metal Merchants" in the Metal Massacre, Vol. 6 compilation two years later. Duly signed by the collection's parent label, Metal Blade, the group, comprised of vocalist Stacy Anderson, guitarists David Stuart and Steve "Skullator" Shoemaker, bassist Tommy Stewart, and drummer Ronny Appoldt, released their debut album, �Tales Of Terror�, later the same year. �Tales Of Terror� might have a goofy cover but it�s a real thrash metal highlight of the 80s�. It crush from the start with the killer tune 'Plunging To Megadeath' with a growling Stacy Anderson, who then, at the middle of the song, transforms his voice into an almost operatic style. It continues with the speed of 'The Outer Limits' showing again the vocal range of Anderson. Then comes two linked songs 'Horrorshow' and 'The Mansion', incredible. The hyperfast 'There Are No Rules'. The short instrumental 'Valley Of The Dolls" serves as an intro to one of the best songs of the album, 'Metal Merchants' you just won't be able to get it off your head. For the grand finale comes the 8 minute 'Hallow's Eve' that you have to listen to just to believe it. This came out in 85 and very few bands other than Venom, Celtic Frost and the thrash faction of punk (ie: DRI) were doing anything this extreme. Highly recommended. Track Listing 1. Plunging To Megadeath 2. Outer Limits 3. Horrorshow 4. The Mansion 5. There Are No Rules 6. Valley Of The Dolls 7. Metal Merchants 8. Hallows Eve

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