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Halsey –Manic lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl with gatefold cover and insert

Grammy award-nominated, multi-platinum artist and alternative pop maverick Halsey returned in 2019 with her third full-length album Manic featuring her 5x Platinum hit Without Me and Graveyard. The success of Without Me has made Halsey the first and only female artist to have at least three songs chart on the Billboard Hot 100. It now ranks as the longest-running Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit by a female artist of this century. Manic is indeed an appropriate name for an album so filled with twists and turns it feels like a double-album crammed into the course of a 47-minute record. Such a description is slightly misleading, though, suggesting that the album contains a series of distinct shifts in mood when it is very much a record of its moment, thrumming along to the tasteful shape-shifting hybrids that populate playlists of all genres. Listen closely, certain stylistic aspects assert themselves — a fingerpicked guitar line rolls along here, there’s a reggae bounce there — and their choice of guest stars is telling. Alanis Morissette — who is by some measures a clear precursor to Halsey — vies with rapper Dominic Fike and Suga of K-pop sensations BTS for the splashiest cameo, with each of their appearances labeled as an interlude. Manic showcases Halsey at their nerviest and at their best.

Track list:
1. Ashley
2. Clementine
3. Graveyard
4. You Should Be Sad
5. Forever (Is A Long Time)
6. Dominics Interlude
7. I Hate Everybody
8. 3Am
9. Without Me
10. Finally // Beautiful Stranger
11. More
12. Still Learning
13. 929

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