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Hammerfall – Crimson Thunder


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Hammerfall's grandiose heavy metal posturing only narrowly avoids the type of self-parody exhibited by Manowar (for that matter, the bandmembers' outfits are only slightly less ridiculous than Manowar's swords-and-loincloths look). But fans of the genre probably won't care — the band performs its soaring power metal anthems with spirit, dedication, and heroic execution on Crimson Thunder. This is pure classicism here; Hammerfall devotedly adheres to the genre guidelines of '80s power metal, without any attempts toward innovation. Track Listing 1. Riders Of The Storm 2. Hearts On Fire 3. On The Edge Of Honour 4. Crimson Thunder 5. Lore Of The Arcane 6. Trailblazers 7. Dreams Come True 8. Angel Of Mercy 9. The Unforgiven Blade 10. In Memorium 12. Heroes Return

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