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Hammerfall -Glory To The Brave lp [splatter]


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2019 re-issue on splatter vinyls with gatefold cover

Glory To The Brave is indeed a classic power metal record — no frills or progressive elements here, just speed-laden, melodic, grandiose anthems about honor, glory, and slaying dragons. And the group manages to generally steer clear of the campiness that plagued bands like Manowar. Of note are the pro-Crusades lyrics of “Steel Meets Steel,” atypical sentiments in a genre known for rebelling against religion. Overall this stuff isn’t new or groundbreaking, but it’s performed passionately enough that you’d think you were starting to experience the New Wave of British Heavy Metal the first time around. Hammerfall also gets points for covering Warlord’s long-lost classic “Child of the Damned”.

Track Listing
1. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
2. The Metal Age
3. Hammerfall
4. I Believe
5. Child Of The Damned
6. Steel Meets Steel
7. Stone Cold
8. Unchained
9. Glory To The Brave

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