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Hammerfall -Headbangers And Beerdrinkers cd


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Hammerfall recorded live in their hometown of Gothenburg on the 10th of January 2001. This was the very first date on the Renegade World Crusade Tour and their loyal hometown audience made sure they welcomed the band back on the road for this new tour starting at the Lisebergshallen this night. At this poin Hammerfall proved that they had learned a lot during their previous tours. Now they proved that they were a ultra-competent live band. With a merciless Anders Johansson that is the driving force behind the drums and a front man that are able to get the crowd going in the bands sing-along choruses. Their new album would go all the way to spot number one on the Swedish charts and it would eventually be awared a gold certification. These eleven tracks from that opening show on the tour should please anyone with a true Metal Heart.

Track list:
1. Templars Of Steel
2. The Metal Age
3. Stronger Than All
4. A Legend Reborn
5. Steel Meets Steel
6. At The End Of The Rainbow
7. Keep The Flame Burning
8. Let The Hammer Fall
9. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
10. Renegade
11. Hammerfall

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