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Hammerfall -One Crimson Night dvd


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Hammerfall shot this amazing show live in their home city of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is an amazing show and my only complaint is the overdubbing, but the energy they project physically live makes up for it and the song list is very impressive.The live versions of Riders of The Storm, The End of the Rainbow and Templars of Steel are just three of the many treasured live performances. If you can stand the obvious overdubs and like guitar licks that set your soul ablaze then check this dvd out. Let The Hammer Fall

Track listing:
1. Lore Of The Arcane
2. Riders Of The Storm
3. Heeding The Call
4. Stone Cold
5. Heros Return
6. Legacy Of Kings
7. Bass Solo: Magnus Rosen
8. At The End Of The Rainbow
9. The Way Of The Warrior
10. The Unforgiving Blade
11. Glory To The Brave
12. Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren
13. Let The Hammer Fall
14. Renegade
15. Steel Meets Steel
16. Crimson Thunder
17. Templars Of Steel
18. Golden Album Award
19. Hearts On Fire
20. Hammerfall
21. On The Road-documentary
22. Photo Gallery

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