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Hammerfall -The First Crusade dvd


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First German dvd pressing from 2002

Hammerfall released their first video after just two studio albums and there are some interesting material on here, like their interpretation of Steel Meets Steel in Sweden in 1996 which landed them a record deal. Its fun to watch their first two videos, Glory To The Brave and Hammerfall. The Hammerfall video is quite amateurish in quality. Glory To The Brave might be better produced but you will have a hard time figuring out what the hell is going on in the video. Another highlight is the release party for the Legacy Of Kings album, where former Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider interprets Head Over Heels and Balls To The Walls. This is followed by Breaking The Law where guitarist Oscar Dronjak picks up the microphone and vocalist Joacim Cans handles the guitar.

Track listing:
1. Introduction
2. Steel Meets Steel-first live show
3. Glory To The Brave-video
4. HammerFall-video
5. Introducing: Magnus Rosén
6. Steel Meets Steel-live
7. Glory To The Brave-video version 2
8. The Making Of Glory To The Brave
9. Ravenlord-Stormwitch cover-live
10. The Metal Age-live
11. Nominated For The Swedish Grammy Award
12. Stone Cold-live
13. Listening Session
14. German TV Advertisement
15. Releaseparty For Legacy Of Kings
16. Head Over Heels
17. Balls To The Wall-Accept cover
18. Breaking The Law-Judas Priest cover
19. Outtakes and Sign Off
20. Australian Metal Warriors

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