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Hansen -Thank You Wacken Live dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Kai Hansen has been one of the leaders on the Germany metal scene since 1985, when Helloween released their debut mini album, When Michael Kiske joined the band grew even bigger in popularity. After Kai left Helloween he formed his own band, Gamma Ray. Both Gamma Ray and Helloween has since then been in the forefront of German power metal. Then to celebrate his 30th anniversary on the metal scene he released his first solo album, XXX – Three Decades In Metal. Hansen invited some friends and did a special show at the Wacken Open Air festival in the summer of 2016. Here you have tracks from Kai’s solo album as well as Helloween material. For this show he is joined by a band of the finest musicians, Alex Dietz on bass, Eike Freese on guitar, Michael Ehre on drums and Corvin Bahn on keyboards; Clementine DeLauny and Frank Beck on backing vocals and then we hae a guest appearance from the mighty Michael Kiske who creates an enormous roar.

Track list:
1. Born Free
2. Ride The Sky
3. Contract Song
4. Victim Of Fate
5. Enemies Of Fun
6. Fire And Ice
7. Burning Bridges
8. Follow The Sun
9. I Want Out
10. Future World
11. All Or Nothing
12. Save Us

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