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Hardcore Superstar ‎–Split Your Lip lp


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2019 release on black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 400 copies

Split Your Lip, the 2010 offering for Swedish hard rock veterans Hardcore Superstar, is a radiant return to form, Im glad to announce. Not that there was ever any of their albums I really disliked, but I always found myself going back to Bad Sneakers and their 2005 self-titled in the end. With Split Your Lip, Jocke and Co get as close as they can to that album without at all regressing or denying the artistic growth they underwent in the past ten years. Split Your Lip is an album that manages to be diverse yet portraying a trademark sound that is not limited to Bergs unique voice. While Last Call for Alcohol may well be the next single and the title track Split Your Lip even takes a page off the Murderdolls book in its aggressive explosion of vitality, adding the usual sexy HCSS fingernail marks. Moonshine is so pop and chilled in its intro that kind of reminds me of Blame it on the boogie (yes, Jackson 5), but fear not, as it soon takes off and shakes your speakers savagely. First ballad in HCSS key: Here comes the sick bitch. Enough said. Each song will be inexorably stuck in your memory only after a few listens. This is a precious chest with all that this band could musically excel in. Theres even a little go at hardcore screaming at the end of What did I do and more Murderdolls type of vocals; theres classic rock and old school riffs; a few bluesy notes; but in the end is simply, utterly, magnificent Hardcore Superstar, the way you were hoping they would be on their next album.

Track listing:
1. Sadistic Girls
2. Guestlist
3. Last Call For Alcohol
4. Split Your Lip
5. Moonshine
6. Here Comes The Sick Bitch
7. What Did I Do
8. Bully
9. Wont Go To Heaven
10. Honeymoon
11. Run To Your Mama

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Diabolic Might Records

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D.M.R. 035

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