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Hardcore Superstar -You Cant Kill My Rock N Roll cd


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Still sealed Swedish Gain Records release

You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll consists of 12 ear-splitting anthems that drive home the fact that rock isn’t dead; it is, in fact, alive and well and thriving in Sweden.This is a huge sounding album on all levels, overflowing with sure fire hits and guaranteed future fan favourites. It’s safe to say “You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll” is an unapologetically confident and assured album full of big hooks, attitude and aggression that doesn’t let up from the moment the opening track “ADHD” kicks in all the way through to the closing track “Goodbye”, with the title track being an uplifting, rallying call to arms for all fans of rock music to stand proud, united in the celebration of who we are and the music we love. All the elements that that make up a great Hardcore Superstar album are here in abundance. At its core, there is the great song writing and big choruses that are synonymous with every release this band do. However, each song stands on its own as well as complementing the album as a whole, taking the listener through a rollercoaster of snarling riffs, heavy bass lines and relentlessly driving drums, all of which are intertwined with enslaving melodies and Jocke Berg’s unmistakeable vocals. Said the band: “‘You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll’ isn’t just a statement of confrontation and rebellion, it’s a celebration of everything we love, the music, the lifestyle, this is our religion, it’s our choice, and it’s everything we believe in.”

Track list:
1. AD/HD
2. Electric Rider
3. My Sanctuary
4. Hit Me Where It Hurts
5. You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll
6. The Others
7. Have Mercy On Me
8. Never Cared For Snobbery
9. Baboon
10. Bring The House Down
11. Medicine Man
12. Goodbye

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