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Hate Manifesto ‎–To Those Who Glorified Death lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 500 copies

If violence and death were to be transformed into music, Hate Manifesto is exactly what it´d sound like. The debut album from this Greek black metal band celebrates an orgy of destructive energy and trample their imaginary foes into the grave joyfully. The deep, guttural and adequately monotonous voice comes from the musty vaults of death metal, the music mixes black, death and (trace elements of) thrash metal. But do not think of technical thrash, groovy death or mesmerizing black metal. As mentioned before, the band has chosen its moniker carefully. The guys attack with utter vehemence and their brutal, voluminous guitar work ensures that the sound does not suffer from any kind of weakness. This does not rule out rather slow sections. Inter alia the end of “The Arch of the Fallen” illustrates the violent beauty of the lumbering sections perfectly. The concise riff combines tragedy and grandeur so that it should be used as the soundtrack for the next funeral procession. The playtime of less than 33 minutes cannot be described as opulent or overlong, but Hate Manifesto refuse to offer lame intros, interludes or any other crap. Superfluous elements do not occur. The music is focused on the essentials and just like a storm warning, it announces horrible things to come. Thus, the musicians sound the alarm right from the beginning. Blast beats and swirling, mean riffs guarantee an intensive listening session. The sonic landscapes are cloaked in total darkness and no matter how often one lends an ear to the album, one will not be able to find any signs of clemency. Ravencult is still my number one from Greece in terms of extreme metal, but Hate Manifesto have the potential to usurp the throne of their compatriots.

Track list:
1. To Those Who Glorified Death
2. Winter Wolf Brigade
3. The Arch Of The Fallen
4. Disciples Of The Iron Shield
5. Wrath Hammer
6. The Deification Of Your Extinction
7. Conquerors Memorial

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