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Hatesphere – Bloodred Hatred


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Hatesphere are not a great band in the traditional sense. Without a truly original sound to call their own, they've never been metal media darlings, with most dismissing them as a clone of The Haunted and other such Scandinavian death-thrash face breakers. This might be partially true, but critics have to listen to a lot of shit to find the real gems out there and their tired ears often fail to recognize a good neck wrecking when they hear one. Few bands have suffered more from this sad fact than Hatesphere. Bloodred Hatred, their second release, has the misfortune of dropping just when the melo-death-thrash blimp was crashing and burning. Most feed back I read at the time dismissed it as another Gothenwannaburg clone and threw it in the bargain bin. Their loss. Far from the most original release (or, at barely over half an hour, the longest) Bloodred Hatred remains an exercise in headbanging euphoria. What sets the release apart at first listen is it's proclivity for the thrashier side of the Gothenburg sound, relying less on the overdone twin guitar melodies of yesteryear and more on driving, buzzsaw riffs. Straight thrash moments, like the opening riff on 'Hell Is Here,' are commonplace throughout, broken up by the band's excellent sense of tasteful groove. Look to 'Insanity Arise' for the perfect melding of these two elements. All this is topped off by a tremendous vocal performance from Jacob Bredahl (who sadly left the band in 2007). His maniacal screaming is a bit one dimensional, but I'll be damned if he doesn't do it with a palpable sense of intensity. It's a shame that this incarnation of Hatesphere is no more, as they created one hell of a death-thrash ditty here. Piece by piece, it's nothing you haven't heard before, but these basic metal elements are melded in such a heartfelt and effective way that I find it hard to let Bloodred Hatred fall out of rotation since I got it seven years ago. Fans of head-banging need only apply. Track listing: 1. Believer 2. Hell Is Here 3. Insanity Arise 4. Disbeliever 5. Plague 6. Low Life Vendetta 7. Deeper And Deeper 8. Kicking Ahead

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