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Hatesphere has certainly succeeded at getting themselves famous. I wouldn't really have thought they would become so known after hearing them for the first time myself, but they have. It is not because their music is evolutionary or anything, it is because of the very different influences they manage to compose into their songs. You can clearly hear that they also hunger for some hardcore fans. There is definitely some hardcore style over the drumming and bass playing, yet combined with the rest they can actually achieve a Heavy Metal sound. To label them a genre can be a problem. There are indeed overlooked traces of Melodic Death Metal, especially in the guitars. To be completely honest, the only thing that could remind you the slightest of Thrash in this is the drums. I'd also prefer if Jacob Bredahl would stick to growls only, as I find it to be more fitting and generally better sounding than the so called scream he uses the most. You can sense the fitting differences in the song Down For Good. (Which by the way, is definitely a good choice for listening if you're considering buying this album). Hatesphere are from Aarhus in Denmark so when they chose to make a cover for their first album it looked like they wanted to take if from a Danish band. Denmark has had a few, but D.A.D. has definitely been the most successful of the lot. Hatesphere ends their debut album with their cover version of the track ‘Ill Will’. With their first album it sounds like they haven't really figured what they want to sound like, making them more experimental, and that ruins a lot. This is one of the rare cases where the second album is better than the first. Track listing: 1. Hate 2. Picture This 3. Addicted Soul 4. Bloodsoil 5. Down For Good 6. No Sense 7. Preacher 8. Dead 9. Ill Will-D.A.D. cover

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