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Hatesphere -The Killing EP mcd


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2004’s The Killing EP finds Danish neo-thrashers Hatesphere blowing off a little steam between recording full-length albums, and, for a band whose every song constitutes a cathartic experience, such an exercise can only result in a frantic display of terrifying proportions — hooray! Sure enough, the four, high-speed metal exercises contained here don’t disappoint, although there’s no denying that Hatesphere’s barked vocals, choppy riffs, and all around sonic presentation still sounds a bit too much like Sweden’s the Haunted for comfort. With that in mind, You’re The Enemy comes out the winner among the three band originals thanks to a furious bit of riffing that would leave even Slayer impressed, and the choice of Suicidal Tendencies Trip At The Brain to cap the brief proceedings really can’t do any wrong — making this a worthwhile purchase for serious Hatesphere fans.

Track list:
1. The Will Of God
2. Youre The Enemy
3. Murderous Intent
4. Trip At The Brain-Suicidal Tendencies cover

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