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Hatriot -The Vale Of Shadows lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl

Originally formed as a new outlet for the face-razoring vocals of Exodus frontman Steve Zetro Souza, Hatriot have more than earned their status as a modern thrash metal band of great significance. When Zetro fled the nest due to the grueling Exodus tour schedules, bassist (and Zetro’s son) Cody Souza took over as lead vocalist, the transition was seamless and briskly executed. 2019’s From Days Unto Darkness was arguably the strongest Hatriot record to date, and Cody’s vocals were such a self-explanatory chip off the old ear-drum shredding block that it barely seemed like anything had changed. Three years on, and radical departures from the crushing dexterity of their previous four albums are still firmly off the agenda. Not that Hatriot lack imagination: The Vale Of Shadows is more vivid and varied than any previous record, and the songs feel sharper, harder and riddled with brutish intricacy. If you want to inflict serious damage to your neck muscles then this is the album. If you want violence, it’s here in abundance. If you want a dash of sophistication and class with your carnage, that’s here too.

Track list:
1. Horns And Halos
2. The Hate Inside
3. Forceful Balance
4. Verminous And Vile
5. Clemency Denied
6. The Twenty Fifth Hour
7. Only Red Remains
8. Mark Of The Tyrant
9. Vale Of Shadows
10. Murderous Tranquility
11. Hymn For The Wicked

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