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Haul –Separation cd


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Haul is a Swedish duo from Jonkoping that consists of Pehr Heurberg and Tobias Wittgren and the two released The Hidden Spy vinyl single in 2012 that created a small buzz in the electronic drone field. For the recording of their debut album, Separation, the duo got some bass help from Hampus Mörk and Sanctum member Håkan Paulsson stepped in and laid down some vocals on the track Black Wings. If youre into drone, dark energy and other electronic noise then check this out. It’s raw and it’s made without compromise and is completely colored in black. Haul could be a mix of Joy Division, Agent Side Grinder and SPK in a weird way.

Track list:
1. Disablot
2. Grallistrix
3. Blood Satisfaction
4. Separation
5. Draumaz
6. Nornir
7. Black Wings
8. Dave Must Die
9. Fylgja

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