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Haunt -Flashback cd


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Still sealed cd with slipcase

What started out as a solo project of Trevor William Church, front man of California doom heavyweights Beastmaker, developed into a powerful force in classic metal with a distinctive hard rock edge throughout the course of several releases in quick succession: Since their formation as late as 2017, Haunt have released no less than two EPs and split singles respectively as well as, indeed, a whopping four albums without displaying any sign of wear and tear. Among all the hustle and bustle surrounding the phenomenon that is Haunt, its 2020 release Flashback is by far the most developed, showing a complete, well-oiled band machine that has gained an even more remarkable profile by gigging on a steady basis.

Track list:
1. Flashback
2. Winter’s Breath
3. Electrified
4. One With The Universe
5. Spend A Fortune
6. Figure In A Painting
7. Sweet Embrace
8. The Great Beyond

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HRR 780 CD

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