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Haunt -Golden Arm lp [splatter]


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Yellow and red splatter vinyl with lyric insert

Trevor William Church has returned with the ninth full-length studio outing with Haunt. Once again recorded mainly by himself, involving Andy Lei for some lead guitar appearances. Most of the songs are pretty slow but each one bursts with a youthful energy and conviction and shots through with speed metal excitement in terms of either rhythmic clobbering or sprinting guitar riffs, though Church keeps an eye on hooks and pure rocking enjoyment too, opening this up to a wide group of listeners. Golden Arm is a real whirlwind experience absolutely does what it sets out to do. Fans of bands like Enforcer or Church’s other projects need to check this out.

Track list:
1. Hit And Run
2. Golden Arm
3. Piece By Piece
4. Chimera
5. Fight The Good Fight
6. Save Yourself
7. Vacant Spaces
8. The Horses Mouth

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