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Havochate (Testament/Slayer) – Cycle Of Pain


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Havochate was founded in New York during the late nineties by former Axiom guitarist Freddy Ordine and erstwhile Malicious Onslaught drummer Ovie Rodriguez. After the first album the band went through some line up changes and incorporated a world class rhythm section for the second album with ex-Testament bass player Greg Christian and former Evil Dead, Testament, Slayer drummer John Dette. The new look band entered Pyramid Sound Recording Studios in Ithaca, New York on 26th April with producer Alex Perialas to craft a second album 'Cycle Of Pain'. Another solid thrash metal album with a striking tone that is tighter than a rusty vice on tracks like the melodic and hard hitting ‘Tentacle’, the ripping paced ‘Still Alive’ and the slam jam title track, ‘Cycle Of Pain’. The new vocalist Tim Bouchee proves himself to be quite capable of a wide range of voices, issuing ear piercing screams, deep growls and a mid range melodic approach that indicates that he is a much rehearsed singer with a strong sense of vocal control. ‘Cycle Of Pain’ is a record that will surely have an appeal to fans of Overkill, Anthrax or earlier Testament. HavocHate show a knack for writing exciting, hard driving tunes that are enjoyable and adventurous making this record a thrash metal fan’s delight. Tracklisting: 1. Cycle of Pain 04:31 2. Tentacle 04:59 3. Fiction 04:59 4. Still Alive 02:59 5. Alone 04:26 6. Wicked 03:05 7. Cold Embrace 04:38 8. Crack in the Sky 04:14 9. Speak No More 04:56 10. Buried in Lies 02:37 11. Rotting Hour 02:57

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