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Haywire -Nuthouse lp [original]


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Original 1990 Canadian press on Attic Records

From Prince Edward’s Island, Canada, Haywire was formed in 1982 by guitarist Marvin Birt, vocalist Paul MacAusland, keyboard player David Rashed and bassist Ron Switzer. After drummer Sean Kilbride joined the band, Attic Records signed them and released Bad Boys in 1986. This third album was recorded in Norway with Bjorn Nessjoe of Stage Dolls. This is Haywire’s heaviest, most in your face album: a sign of the times. The glam metal gold rush mentality of the day can be heard loud and clear on most of the tracks on this album. If you only shall buy one Haywire album then this is the one.

Track list:
1. Operator Central
2. Short End Of A Wishbone
3. Livin It Up
4. Gettin The Groove
5. Wild Wild
6. Strange One
7. She Drives
8. Well Oiled Machine
9. Tremble In Line
10. Push N Shove (Thats The Way)
11. Taken The Pain

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