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Hearse (Arch Enemy/Furbowl) – Armageddon Mon Amour


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Swedish melodic death metal/death roll act Hearse with ex-Arch Enemy frontman Johan Liiva and Furbowl drummer Max Thornell. The bands first demo recording was sent to select metal press and labels, and attracted interest from Hammerheart Records. In the summer of 2003 Hearse started recording their second album titled Armageddon Mon Amour. It was finally released in April 2004 on Karmageddon Media (formerly Hammerheart Records). �Armageddon Mon Amour� continues to keep me interested in Liiva and co as they clearly show signs of progression and productivity on their second platter. Some may have expected a more refined product, not with Hearse. The album is heavier than its predecessor, the riffs and solos are all classic, plenty of both old school extremeness and Rock grooves but also lots of melodic scores. The title track is by far the most controversial piece of music the band has written so far; a six-minute instrumental with various experimental features (experimental to a conservative band like Hearse) such as female vocals, acoustic guitars, more weird keyboards, very different from the usual Hearse catchiness Track listing: 1. Mountain Of The Solar Eclipse 2. Turncoat 3. Crops Of Waste 4. In Love And War 5. Ticket To Devastation 6. Tools 7. Cambodia 8. Sodi 9. Play Without Rules 10. Determination 11. Armageddon Mon Amour

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