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Hearse (Arch Enemy/Furbowl) – Dominion Reptillian


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Swedish melodic death metal/death roll act Hearse with ex-Arch Enemy frontman Johan Liiva and Furbowl drummer Max Thornell. The bands first demo recording was sent to select metal press and labels, and attracted interest from Hammerheart Records. After signing a contract, the first single Torch was released in 2002, and the debut album ‘Dominion Reptilian’ followed in March 2003. The album is best described as mostly mid tempo based melodic death metal with a dominant role for the guitars. But sometimes the band shifts some gears up like in the thrashy ‘Contemplation’. The entire release is full of flashy guitar solos, old school riffs and Scandinavian double guitar parts. The suspense is well dosed, so the songs don’t bore the listener. Vocally Johan Liva does not need any further introduction, although I have to say it was nice hearing him howl again. For people who like the old school feel with a modern touch. The production is alright, done in the Dog Pound Studios (Entombed). Is there life after Arch Enemy? Track Listing: 1. Dominion Reptilian 2. Torch 3. Cosmic Daughter 4. Contemplation 5. Rapture In Twilight 6. Well Of Youth 7. Abandoned 8. End Of Days 9. So Vague 10. The Unknown 11. Avalon

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