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Hearse (Arch Enemy/Furbowl) – The Last Ordeal


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Swedish melodic death metal/death roll act Hearse with ex-Arch Enemy frontman Johan Liiva and Furbowl drummer Max Thornell. The bands first demo recording was sent to select metal press and labels, and attracted interest from Hammerheart Records. Their third album was released in August of 2005. ‘The Last Ordeal’ was recorded and mixed at The White Chapel Studios in Stockholm, Sweden by Jonas Edler, also responsible for the sound on the first two albums and involved in several Entombed productions. Commented drummer Max Thornell: ‘So we finally stand here with the recording that'll be the third Hearse album. This time we really came out with a sound very close to what we wanted. It's natural and organic, heavy and rough, no bleep blop trigger drums or other polished sounds. Just pure and natural! As usual, there's a lot of groove, riffing, ripping solos and rough vocals, but this time I guess that mine and Johan's hardcore/punk background is a bit more obvious than before. There was a lot of reviewers that referred to Entombed and Motorhead when our last album was released. Those comments will most likely not be less numerous this time so to speak. Ok, we're up for another rock 'n' roll adventure in death metal land’. Track Listing 1. Pathfinder 2. Quintessence 3. Shackles Of Guilt 4. Ambrosia 5. Una Lucha A Muerte 6. Bountyhunter 7. Demon Curd 8. Aggravation 9. The Last Ordeal

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